Samantha Ward of Bay Tree Funerals talks about why she felt the need to make a difference in the society as a Funeral Director

Funeral services are never easy. Not just for those who have lost someone they loved, but also for the people behind the scenes who make sure that the service is smooth and comfortable. Bay Tree Funeral is a leading name in the Funeral Services industry, based in the Leicester area of the UK. In this interview, Samantha Ward of Bay Tree Funeral talks about being a Funeral Director and how her services are making a difference in the Funeral Service sector.

Samantha, Thank You for talking to us. You have been a Funeral Service Director for over two years. How has been your journey so far and what prompted you to become a Funeral Service Director?

My journey has been very rewarding. The objective behind my decision of becoming a Funeral Director was helping families at the worst time in their lives. It all started with the first conversation with my husband and explain to him why I wanted to be a Funeral Director and how much I needed to make a difference in the Funeral Industry. We did lots of research and spoke to lots of family friends and other Funeral Directors and people that worked every day in the industry.

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We decided that all we got out of our research was positives, so we went to green fuse heart and souls in Devon and did courses with them. The course was designed to give us an idea of what the job involves and included an introduction to funeral services, roles within the service, the impact of loss and grief and preparation of their loved ones to arranging the funeral service and directing a funeral on the day. With the need for excellent communication and people skills, I found were needed a serious and dignified manner, with the ability to deal sensitively with distressing situations. Attention to detail is very important with excellent administration and organizational abilities along with a good understanding and acceptance of different religious beliefs

What were the initial challenges that you faced as a Funeral Director?

Your working hours can vary, and You’ll be on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most of your administration work would be done during office hours, but you’ll often need to visit clients in the evenings or at weekends. Also, funerals can take place on any day of the week except for holiday periods i.e. Christmas.

Attending funerals involves being outdoors in all weather conditions. No matter how hot or cold you are, what you are going through doesn’t compare to how the family is feeling on that day.

Then I decided along with my husband that we will find the premises and start a new beginning. I think we make an exceptional difference at being there at such a painful time for the families and friends left behind.

How does Bay Tree Funerals differentiate itself from other Funeral Service providers?

Funeral services have become more competitive over time with the big industrial service companies to the more personal independent family run services.

Bay tree funerals is an independent family run funeral home and we are constantly striving to accomplish a greater funeral at an affordable price for the family. With a lady in charge of caring for your loved one from the first call to the final day with a caring and loving approach. A lady funeral director is here to offer you support and care for you as well as your loved one in this time of need. We are here through it all to fully support you which is why a lady funeral director collects them at the time of the deceased. Then looks after the deceased washes them, gets them dressed, does their hair. puts the makeup up on and take charge of the cremation in a way that is needed at an independent family funeral company. The family will feel reassured and safe knowing their loved one is fully cared for by Samantha Ward.

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Do you believe that being a woman brings a different touch to the services that you provide?

A woman’s understanding can make all the difference to the precious memories your family will have forever.

Who would you preferer a woman or a man to look after your loved one? I asked myself this question and now I am a female funeral director one of a small group in the UK.

Is being a woman Entrepreneur tough?

Yes, with having a husband and 3 kids, a house to clean, kids to get school etc. Attending funerals involves being outdoors in all weather conditions. No matter how hot or cold you are, what you are going through simply doesn’t compare to how the families are feeling on that day. I am very lucky to have such a fantastic husband. He is a great help with the kids.

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