An Interview with Ruturaj Kohok, Founder of, A fast growing Price comparison Startup in India

Pricekart is a price comparison Startup based in India. The platform got over 1.5 million page views and drove sales of over 150 million towards its partners in its first 8 months itself and has been growing since. The platform which currently has 25 employees was founded in 2016 by Ruturaj Kohok(CEO & Founder) and Nitin Nagar(CTO & Co-Founder). We recently Interviewed Ruturaj to know more about Pricekart and his journey as an Entrepreneur.

How did Pricekart come into existence?

In the midst of completing post-graduation, my batch mate Nitin Nagar and I realized the challenges that buyers face to find the best deal and lowest price for a product online. Buyers end up visiting multiple websites to search for the lowest price and waste a lot of time and energy. That’s when I came up with the idea to start a price comparison website called ‘Pricekart’. The entire purpose to start Pricekart was to help buyers make the right decisions while shopping online. 

How will you define Pricekart?

Pricekart is a Pre-shopping Destination for Smart shoppers before they make buying decisions online. People can find, research, and compare from millions of products. With over a million products from all categories like Mobiles, Laptops, Electronics, Home Appliances, Books and much more, Pricekart helps you find the lowest price, saves your time and money while shopping online.

Pricekart doesn’t sell any refurbished products or anything in that case. It simply compares prices, shows best deals & offers available on online stores.

What motivated you to get started with Pricekart?

The idea of developing the Pricekart portal came to me when I realized that I was wasting a lot of time surfing through multiple online stores looking for the best deals, discounts and prices while shopping online. Nitin and I came up with the idea to develop a portal that will help buyers save time and money while shopping online. Apart from that, we also wanted our portal to be the one-stop where users find a wide range of products, compare products, get amazing deals & discounts, read expert reviews and user ratings to make their online shopping experience easy and effortless / smoothen their shopping experience.

What went into building the initial product?

As a bootstrapped company, we experienced that the road towards success is never smooth. We started everything from scratch with no past experience in the field. We had a vision and we knew that we had to accomplish our targets soon. This period included a lot of sleepless nights and a few failures, but it was team work and determination which helped us get to where it is today.

Talking about what went into building the initial product – Nitin and I split the work according to our core strengths. While I handled the SEO and digital marketing of Pricekart, Nitin worked on the website and all the other technicalities. Our initial days were dedicated to building a proprietary system that aggregated/collected data like product specs, real-time prices, reviews, deals, coupons and much more from over 100 online stores and display it on a single page. It was this system that would make it easier for users to find everything that they are looking for at one place.

What are the differential factors of your company’s services that make you stand out from your competitors? What is your USP?

Pricekart USP is that it shows real-time prices of products from various online stores constantly. Pricekart also has ‘Voice Search’ feature which will help users find products just by giving a simple command. Pricekart is a result of a set of machine learning algorithms and data intelligence devised to act as a shopping assistant to its users. This makes it easier for online shoppers to save a lot of time and money by finding the best deals and the lowest prices on products at a single place.

What are the various challenges or pain points that clients usually come to you with? How do you help them through these challenges?

Online shoppers have to visit multiple e-commerce websites, compare prices, read reviews before making their buying decision. It is finding the lowest price and best deal for a product which makes online shopping a tedious task. This is the main reason why online shoppers pick the first thing that they see online, eventually spending more than they should. This is where Pricekart comes to save the day.

We make it easier for online shoppers to save a lot of time and money by finding the best deals and the lowest prices on products at a single place.

What were the hurdles that Pricekart Startup had to face during its initial time?

We all know that every startup requires initial capital and funding to make their presence known in the market. However, Nitin and I decided to break free from this trend and chose to begin Pricekart as a bootstrap startup. Pricekart took off its journey as a bootstrap startup, wherein the company funded itself without any external help. It was most definitely one of the most important hurdles that we took up and overcame to build this startup.

The road to success is never easy. There are a lot of ups and downs that every new startup and entrepreneur goes through. The journey started off with a small team and limited budget, with every member being extremely motivated to see their company grow.

Tell us about the major categories under which you offer your price comparison services. Also, briefly explain your flagship offering.

Pricekart has categories like Mobiles, Laptops, Electronics, Home Appliances, Books with many categories been added regularly to make Pricekart a portal where users can find everything that they buy online. Pricekart also has browser extensions and Android App which makes it easier for users to compare prices of products on the go. Our flagship offering is Mobile Phone comparison wherein complete mobile research along with real-time price updates is offered to users. Pricekart is soon going to come up with Fashion comparison category which can be the next flagship of Pricekart.

What are the offers and deals that your customers can leverage on Pricekart?

Pricekart gathers the best deals and offers available on top online stores and displays them under one roof. Thus, users don’t have to wander in search of best deals and coupons. Pricekart saves time and money of online shoppers.

Kindly elaborate on your business associations and collaborations with companies like Amazon for your price comparing services. What are the brands that you are associated with for your offerings?

We are associated with all top online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Tatacliq, ShopClues, Paytmmall, etc as affiliate partners for Pricekart.

Tell us about your company’s recent revenue growth, and the future roadmap?

From celebrating and being exuberant after seeing 1000 viewers per month in the initial months, Pricekart has grown to witness over 16,000 viewers per day. It is certainly a huge milestone for the company and the entire team. The dream of seeing Pricekart on the top keeps the team motivated and driven to work together and accomplish their goals. The next goal on the agenda for this startup is to help save Rs 100 million that consumers spend shopping online, while also achieving their goal of reaching 10 million users every month.

Pricekart is also coming up with a merchant system which is designed to help empower the small-scale retail businesses and offer them a platform to display their products. We found that in spite of having better deals and offers, small-scale retailers were completely overlooked because of these e-commerce giants. Pricekart is looking forward to empower these small online retailers by providing them a platform to display their products and stores along with other e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon.

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