Interview with Ross Ceballo, Founder of New York City based IT Solutions and Web Development company

ny-wnc is a New York based IT Solutions and Web Development company providing affordable services to small businesses. In this series of Interviews where we cover the exciting journeys of young entrepreneurs, we interviewed ny-wnc founder Ross Ceballo to know about his venture and the challenges he has faced as an entrepreneur. Here is an excerpt from Ross Ceballo’s Interview with Times of Startups.

When did you decide that you are going to start on your own?

I launched ny-wnc in 2013. When I was 8 years I was asked to set up a computer. This was my first real experience doing anything like that, and from that moment on I knew what I wanted to do. After 10 years in the field and then a few more years as a freelancer, I knew that consulting was the next step for me. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. The only thing that used to stop me from starting my own business was fear; I was scared of the what-ifs.

How do you differentiate yourself from your domain competitors?

As you know, New York City is very competitive. The moment you come up with a business idea, there are probably 10 people already doing that business. However, without being ruffled by the stats, we have always focused on our expertise i.e. helping small businesses grow through our IT solutions. We specialize in helping small business and start-ups and are passionate about helping them grow.

What kind of IT solutions do you provide to your clients?

Apart from Web Development for small businesses, we also provide server maintenance, cloud computing, and Business Continuity Planning: Backup & Disaster Recovery. We also offer on-site set up for workstations.

Being an entrepreneur is never easy. What challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur?

Being from New York, there is so much competition. New York is a curse and a blessing. Specifically, on the one hand, we have a huge clientele base here in the city, but at the same time, we have a lot of talented people we are competing against. You have to constantly look for new opportunities and associations. However, our mantra has always been to focus on what we know best and deliver projects for our clients in a manner that makes them happy.

2019 is just around the corner. What are your plans for 2019 with respect to ny-wnc?

Though we are currently based in New York, in 2019 we are looking to expand to other states. We see huge opportunities in other states. Businesses of all kinds are looking for the kind of solutions we provide.

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