An Interview with Branding & PR Expert Fanny Maria Grant Axén

Stockholm born music executive Fanny Maria Grant Axén is know for her PR campaigns and for making things work for music artists. We recently got a chance to talk to her about her journey as a successful entrepreneur.

Fanny, when and how did you start your career?

I always knew that I will be working with music & Artists, simply because how happy music made me. I  had my own company and when I was twenty, I decided to go after my dreams. I started my business journey as a Stylist in the group little great things ( grandchildren to Benny Anderson from ABBA) that participated in Melodifestivalen, where I designed their clothes and helped them with there image and PR. After that, I worked with the legendary studio Xlevel studios in Sweden and some of their artists. I put together photo-shoots and connected the artists with the right kind of people to help them with their brand. This was way before Social Media was big but I already had that business sense about connecting artists with bigger makeup artists, clothing brands and so on.

You have also worked with Superstar Mohombi. Share your experience of working with him.

Mohombi got to know about what I was doing and hired me to help him with styling for himself and and his artists under his record label LaClique Music. I started designing his clothes and style him for music videos photo-shoots and after a while also became the PR Manager. I was surprised to know that an artist like Mohombi, with over 500 million views on you tube songs with Akon, Nelly nice Scherzinger and produced by Redone and signed to Cash money Records, and at one point had the biggest song in the world Bumpy Ride didn’t have a proper PR team.

I created his PR campaigns completely on my own with bloggers, and magazines. Moreover, I also launched several radio campaigns for him and his other artists. I also put him in some of the biggest TV shows in Sweden . I put the artists in charity events and a involved them in various other PR campaigns from my own relationships with press, brands, producers and artists created on my journey.

Tell us about some other similar projects where you have successfully worked with artists.

I have worked with UK brands Boy London & Criminal Damage. After leaving Lalique music, I knew I wanted to manage artists on my own and found myself working and helping a few artists who are today signed by big labels. One of them is Anton Hagman who is now signed to Universal, and the group Young Squage signed to Sony Music.  I was also the PR Manager for 13 year old artist Nova Miller ( signed to Universal) They created a documentary that I pitched to my friend at Aftonbladet and they agreed to give her a chance. I also, through my network, got quicker ways to get her on Radio at the biggest commercial channel NRJ in Sweden.
I also managed my friend Josef Sattarov for about 1 year and helped him build his brand today he has 200k followers on Instagram and a really successful clothing brand & charity to help young people with problems.
During that same time I also managed one of Sweden’s biggest Bloggers Foki for about 1 year.

I also found someone I really believed and was prepared to invest all my time and effort in the artist Jay Samson. I worked with Jay 24/7 on all aspects for almost 2 years.  Jay opened for Ryan Leslie concert in Sweden and also Nelly’s tour.He also opened for Mohombi. To get all those things to happen, I had to create a trust with the biggest promoters in , Sweden Live nation, David Maloney. In 2016, I was also involved with RCA Grammy award nominated Ro James were I was helping him with his European PR.

What about some of your recent works?

The first time my artist stood on stage was in a sold out show in Hoxton in London 2017 opening for Ro James. I managed to create a great relationship with SJM concerts ( owned by Simon Moran) Johnny Phillips once they reached out to me after seeing what my work with ARON. So they created a partnership and supported my vision I had for my artist.

Recently I have also worked a little bit as PR/A&R with Producer K.e on the track. He has produced for Future, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj you the boss , Dj Khaled , Big Sean and the legendary song swag surfing by rap group Fast Life Yungstaz to mention a few. K.E asked me to represent him because of what he saw me doing with my artists.

What suggestion would you like to give to our readers who want to take their own path?

Believe in yourself and don’t worry about what your critics have to say. Taking charge of your own career can be tough initially but is always rewarding in the end.

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