Picking a perfect color Palette for your Condo’s Interior

Finalizing the perfect color for your Condo’s Interior can be a challenging task for many. The availability of different shades for a single color, along with different patterns to chose from creates what we call in Classic Economic terms “The problem of Choice”. The Color palettes and designer-created schemes are based on sound color theory and they act as an excellent starting point for finalizing your interior colors. However, the fact remains that the true test of colors happens only on the walls because color is technically a reflection of light, and it is impossible for any rendering to replicate the color that you see in real viz. a viz. the color you see on any picture or through 3D rendering on screens. MsME Interior Design, a leading Interior Design Firm in Miami, FL area has come up with some pro tips on picking a perfect color Palette for your Condo’s Interior, that will make your task relatively easier.

The color scheme should be chosen from the Largest Pattern in the space

Depending on your taste, you could have a patterned or a plain upholstery in your room. If you’ve got patterned textile on your sofas or armchair, a colorful rug or a large piece of artwork, consider choosing colors you like from the pattern. Therefore the color from the pattern should decide the color scheme. Also, for a neutral wall paint color, you can look to the pattern’s whites and beiges.

Start with looking Outside for Ideas

Sometimes, Interior Color can also draw inspiration from the color outside. Depending on the area you live and also the exterior of your building, your Interior color choice can differ. Not just that, bringing the outside color in is a popular inspiration for color schemes. It doesn’t matter whether you choose green from the building’s vicinity or cool blues of the beach, exterior-inspired colors will always give you a restful and relaxing feeling. However, before you make your final decision. be sure to sample your favorite paint colors at all times of the day and night. This along with the window treatments closed and open. This will give you the most realistic view of your possible choices.

Try a Lighter or Darker Shade of the same color before abandoning it

It is possible that you have a color in your mind and even test it on a portion of the wall but you don’t really like it and you put that color in the “No” list. However, sometimes all what is required is is a little adjustment to find the right interior paint color and before you make up your mind to abandon your paint color choice too quickly, try a lighter or darker shade of the same color. it is possible that you might change your mind and put the color back in the “Yes” list. Many paint colors appear on a paint strip in gradual shades. However, you can also ask your paint store to customize it by percentages of light or dark shades. Go for a different color only when you are not satisfied with the various shades.

Use the Color Wheel wisely

In general, various color schemes which next to each other on the color wheel, such as blue and green — are more casual and relaxing. These color work best in any informal or private spaces. It gives a very positive vibe in the room too. This is also good strategy for a bedroom, where you want to rest and relax.

Contrast Warm and Cool

One should try to contrast Warm and cool, especially in bedrooms. Neutrals need never be boring. For example, cool gray can be beautifully included to create a contrast with warm honey-colored shades. While the overall effect is quite peaceful, contrasting these two opposites creates just enough tension to wake up the otherwise sleepy space. By this, you will never have a boring neutrals.

Flow of Color Throughout Your Home

Flowing paint color has a lot of usefulness. For example, If the size of your home is small, flowing paint color throughout the rooms will give the illusion of a larger space. Not just that, flowing paint color through your home will also create a relaxing vibe. So how to achieve this? The most beautiful  way to use flowing color is to choose a neutral paint color that will act as the base hue for your home. Each room can have its own accent colors, or rather you can use the same accent colors in different amounts in each room. Also, keep flooring similar from room to room, and consider molding to tie everything together.

Go With Grays

Grey is the trend! Yes, talk to any designer and you will be surprised to know how much appreciation they have for the color grey. Consider putting today’s trendiest neutral, gray, to work in any style interior. Gray has this unique quality which allows the color to appear either warm or cool and it also pairs beautifully with both pastels or kicky colors like hot pink or Kelly green.


Finalizing the perfect color for your home can be the most challenging aspect of your Interior Design. After all, paint accentuates every other aspect of your Interior Design. Therefore, buy some paint samples and their different shades, paint them on the wall, and see how they look throughout the day and night. Don’t just paint boards but consider painting a portion of the wall because boards don’t have the same texture. Also, try to get samples in the same sheen that you’ll use for the final coat. This is because the sheen has a big impact on color quality.

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