If you’re chasing perfection, give yourself a break. Literally.

If you’re chasing perfection, give yourself a break. Literally.

Many entrepreneurs, when they struggle, have tried to do things perfectly. In many cases, the more they tried, the more they failed. No matter how good things were, they thought things could have been better. No matter how well they did, they thought they could do better.

Sometimes we need to realise that each of us is unique in our imperfections. That it is our failures that shape us. That it is our heartaches that make us human.

The Japanese have turned this idea into an art. Kintsukuroi is the art of “repairing with gold”.

When a pot breaks, instead of throwing it away, craftsmen repair it with a gold lacquer that celebrates its flaws. In doing so, the pot becomes more valuable than when it was “perfect”.

It’s the flaws that tell the pots story, and it’s your challenges that tell your story. So celebrate them, embrace them, and know you are all the more valuable for having them.

Great entrepreneurs think differently. Instead of seeing money as an income, they see it as an outcome: An outcome of pursuing their purpose and a means to continue to.  “We don’t make movies to make money. We make money to make more movies.” ~ Walt Disney

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” ~ Leonard Cohen

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