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Internet marketing can be termed as a dynamic industry with ever changing trends. By the time you master the latest technique, there is a new technology waiting to take its place and cause the rift in marketing methods. Whatever trends gets pushed in the face of a business, it is important to stay up-to-date of technology to stay ahead in the competition. It is wise to say that before adapting to new trends, one should embrace the roots of its origin before getting bombarded with the latest technology. Change is inevitable so adaption to new development is necessary for a business to move forward. Here are some of the top marketing trends for you to focus on.

Content marketing

Content is always the king when it comes to marketing or sharing information. Be it news feeds or product catalogs, useful and important content supersede everything. Content is termed great when it is unique, relevant to the current topic, easy to understand, and above all shareable. It is important for companies to stay ahead of the competition by sharing information of their new products and launches with great content. Sharing content is also boosting the brand image of the companies by appearing in the news which is a great way to stay in the limelight.

Dense content

As the attention span of consumers has drastically fallen down with respect to the huge loads of content being uploaded on the internet, the title of an article should be catchy to grab the reader’s attention. Before starting the infinite scrolling down the news feed and sharing on social platforms, people are skipping the actual content as white noise and jumping ahead. Marketers now have started to make every word count with dense content and started loading with only meaningful information.

Data visualization tools

This is nothing but analytics as to who is buying the product, what and when, and how they are sharing that information. Having such data is very important for a marketer to quantify the information. So data visualization tools will show such critical information in easy to understand form and patterns which help the businesses to evaluate, analyze, and figure the market trends. Using such tools will give people an edge over the competitors in the world of marketing.

Live video streaming

With unlimited data, viewers in social media are opting to share their story or products by streaming live videos and giving the consumers a firsthand experience on how things are getting done in their part of the world. Live video is the new trend followed by both marketers and celebrities to promote brands. It is the new platform to share things in real-time thanks to the presence of mobiles everywhere and high-speed data.

Native advertising

Though this happens to be the trend used by marketers for a while to get natural-looking visibility, this is going to be the top trend and is currently being used by brands everywhere. It seems to be an upside swing with no intention to back off from the list as it is the sneakiest and most effective form of advertising. The native advertising has now come with new and improved forms to target potential customers instead of displaying ad publicly for every user.

Impressive marketing

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two really popular experiences which users are willing to pay more money. This kind of marketing is now limited to only big brands but it is expected to reach everyone very fast. Marketers are going to incorporate them into their brands now as they see a potential for earning more. So this trend is going to get really big soon with more brands incorporating them for promotions as augmented reality ads, games, and apps.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile utilization in Google searches has trumped the desktop users. So now businesses keep on using responsive web designs to accommodate the consumers through mobile optimization. Customizing the content and layout suitable for mobile viewers helps a lot in maximizing the user experience across a variety of devices. Statistically, it has been proved that websites with responsive designs have recurring customers and are more likely to purchase products through mobile devices.

Voice search

With ever changing technology and the release of personal digital assistants, people are utilizing the Internet resources and have started doing voice searches instead of manual input. There is a significant growth in voice searches over few years and the trend seems to be growing rapidly. Based on voice searches, long tail keywords with casual language and native words are being used as keywords by websites to get top page hits in the result page.

Social selling

Social media is emerging to be the biggest platform for brands to sell and display their products. Though it is not a conventional form of marketing, the potential consumers arising from this platform is surely making it the latest sensation in the marketing world. Its simple interface is one of the main reasons for its ever growing popularity.

Focus on customer experience

Personalized marketing is becoming an important factor irrespective of the size of business or organization. By catering to customer needs by personalization is building a strong foundation of trust between the users and companies. It, in turn, is helping to get more conversion rates from potential customers and influencing buyer’s decision. Analyzing the buyer behavior, companies are now sending personalized emails to customers and targeting them individually to increase customer retention.

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