New Business Security Technologies

Security concerns are among the most troubling issues for every business owner. Getting the right protection is becoming increasingly difficult because as technology progresses, perpetrators are becoming more tech savvy as well. The goal isn’t just to find the right security system for outside breaches, but to protect yourself from untrustworthy employees and clients as well.

There are several things to consider when getting a high-tech security system. First of all, is the gadget actually suited to your business or is it just an interesting novelty? Next, what are the costs of maintenance and updating, and in the end, does it require some sort of training to operate or a long time to install.

User behavior analysis

Prevention is the most important part of a security system, but user-behavior analytics can help you when a breach has already occurred. The software gathers information about the way the users ordinarily interact with the security system. Over a longer period of time, it’s possible to create a pretty accurate picture of what kind of behavior is normal. This way, when intruders start to act out of the ordinary (for instance, download a lot of information at once) – security measures are activated.

Mobile device management

Mobile devices are usually considered to be the weak spot of any security system. They can be used to bring viruses in or to extract information out of the system. There are two common approaches to their security. The first is known as containerization – keeping professional activities off employees’ personal devices. This can be difficult because the two are sometimes linked (Is texting a co-worker one or the other?). The other method is more sophisticated and it consists of “proxying” all the data traffic from personal devices to a common network. There, it can be filtered and secured.

Business security

Businesses, especially those that work with customers directly, need several layers of security. Access cards are more than a security device; they can also be used to track the movement and activity of employees during office hours. Sophisticated locks and camera systems should alarm both the police and business owners simultaneously. Furthermore, security screens protect employees from armed robberies while allowing unobstructed communication with customers.

Hardware authentication

Usernames and passwords are the worst possible form of authentication. They can easily be breached and it’s easy to forget or misplace them. Devices themselves are becoming a part of the authentication process. This means that devices (used for counting or keeping track of the merchandise) can be used by authorized personnel only.

Video surveillance services

Video surveillance services allow businesses to store all the surveillance data in easily accessible cloud storage. This makes it easier to browse the data and notice patterns and suspicious behaviors. This system can’t break or run out of storage like those that use SD cards. The data can also be used for video analytics and “people counting”. Counting is important for retailers because it helps the store identify especially interesting or troublesome areas within the store. The system could also recognize potential suspects and notify the authorities before any incident actually occurs.

Technology has made it easier for businesses to secure their property and improve the safety of their employees. However, it’s also made criminals more sophisticated. It’s important to find the newest and most advanced security features and implement them with care because those with malicious intent are on the lookout as well.

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