How to turn failure into victory? These 4 simple steps might help you.

Our friends over at Find My Workspace share how to use failures as stepping stones towards victory.

How turn failure into victory?

Failure is not final- unless you allow it to be. Everyone will experience failure, whether big or small, at some point in their lives and business.Most successful people would share that their biggest failure is a fundamental part of their current success. Failures are valuable in that they impart lessons that we cannot get anywhere else.

You can only be defeated when you let failure stop you from pressing on towards your goals and vision.You can never go back in time and do things differently. The best thing we can do is to maximize each failure and to learn- really learn- from them.

As painful as the process might be, you need to reflect, break down and scrutinize each aspect of the situation to discover the precious lessons you can and should take away from it.

Following these steps can give you the important answers you need:

Adapt a healthy attitude.

Before you can learn anything, you have to have a healthy attitude and an open mindset.As you reflect on the failure, it might bring to light some wrong decisions and mistakes that may embarrass you or make you feel resentful. Be ready to admit your missteps.Remember that denying your mistakes can hinder your path towards learning and becoming stronger. Only go on to the next step when you are sure that you will not get too emotional thinking about the failed business or plan.

Conduct some fact-finding.

Think back to when you were planning, preparing and executing your action plans for the business or project.Did you rush through a certain step along the way? Did you miss out on gathering all the needed information? Did you implement your ideas at the wrong time and place? Did you fail to seek the advice of more experienced people? Were you on top of everything?As you objectively look back, you will surely be able to identify several improvement areas.

Jot them down and make a detailed list of everything you came up with. It is crucial to review your notes when it’s time to start anew to be sure that you do not commit the same mistakes.

Formulate a new plan.

When you are mentally, emotionally and financially ready, you can have a fresh start and try again.Failure should not paralyze you permanently. You might want to rest for a while… but make sure that you eventually bounce back stronger and readier than ever.Always check the information you gathered above, apply the lessons and formulate a new plan. This time, you have the benefit of deeper experience and wisdom.

What are the improvement areas you wrote down? Maybe you feel that you need to take extra classes or workshops. Or you need to expand your network or have a mentor to support you. It’s time to take concrete action.

Move on.

Whenever you go outside of your comfort zone and try something new, failure may be inevitable. But don’t let it be a part of your identity- because you are not a failure, unless you stop trying.So pick yourself up, brush yourself off and move on towards your goals. Use your failure as stepping stones towards where you want to go. Embrace the precious lessons that you learned and let them mold you to become a better and more aware person and entrepreneur.

Remember that the only real tragedy is when you fail- and you don’t learn your lesson. So do not be discouraged- Someday, you are going to share the story of how you experienced failures which eventually became the foundation of your success.

As the famous quote says, “You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.”

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