How to Get a Construction Startup off the Ground

Before you embark on a long business venture of getting a construction business off the ground, you have to get into a right frame of mind and treat it just like any other startup. It will need your constant and vigilant care, a true commitment of an entrepreneur. Taking care of every aspect of your business as the company starts to develop is insanely hard and there’s a long road ahead of you. However, with these tips on how to get your construction startup off the ground, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task at all.

Business plan

Every successful business begins with assessing the overall business strategy. In order to get a grip on how much preparation and work needs to be done, you need a solid business plan. This is about establishing your mission and goals. The plan should contain at least a rough outline of every stage of development of your construction business. This way, you will be better prepared for the difficult and unpredictable situations. Just remember to arm yourself with patience. Lifting a startup off the ground is the most excruciating part.

Legal aspect

Every business needs to comply with all legal aspects. Regulations and standards exist for a reason – in order to protect you, your employees and your clients, and circumventing them always backfires in the long run. Therefore, if you want to establish yourself as a responsible and respectable entrepreneur, you’ll need to sift through all the legal paperwork and spend a lot of hours on administrative duties.

No matter how small your business is, you simply need to hire an experienced lawyer that will always hold your back and advise you on any legal issues that might appear along the way. However, this will not be enough. As far as tax paying goes, you need to hire an accountant that will know how to navigate through all the documentation.

Base of operations

This is where your business is different from the other startups. As far as construction goes, the business is conducted in the field. Now, it is true that most of your time (or, in other terms, the time of your workers) will be divided between clients’ lots. However, even a construction startup needs specific and official headquarters. The most important thing you need to worry about are not the offices – since you are in construction, you’ll need adequate storage space and a big parking lot.

Necessary equipment

As a construction startup, you’ll need to have all the necessary equipment for the job, and it all needs to be prepped and ready to be taken out of the warehouse and brought into the field. For that, you’ll need trucks.

Also, your employees will need to have the necessary protective gear, such as helmets and gloves. The number of these will depend on the number of employees you have, but keep in mind that you always need to have spare ones.

As for the elevation solutions, contemporary modular systems, such as those offered by Synergy Scaffolding & Access Equipment, can be used both indoors and outdoors and are designed to provide full access around building sites. These durable yet lightweight products come with ladders and kick boards for every platform level, as well as outriggers and ties to ensure optimal job safety.


Make sure you are advertised properly to raise awareness of your company. It’s crucial to create a logo and a brand – websites and social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) are your greatest assets that will help you build this. In the end, don’t underestimate the power of printed material, such as business cards, leaflets and brochures. Print your logo on everything – even pens can serve as marketing material.

Armed with patience and skill, you’ll be able to see your startup grow out of nothing. The trick is not to lose faith. Just remember you are not alone in this. Even the greatest businesses had to go through this period of trial and error.

Lillian Connors

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