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This online dating platform is offering free 12 months access to its paid features!



The number of messages on online dating platforms in the United States has increased by 10% to 15% compared with February and the numbers are expected to rise in the coming few months. The whole Coronavirus crisis has made people realize that the only possible dating right now is online dating.

However, not every dating platform is free and provides the same experience. To fill this gap, Brick House Dating is in the process of rolling out their new online platform. Scheduled to be launched on June 8th, 2020, Brick House Dating is also offering access to all of their paid features FREE for 12 months for their early subscribers.

This platform is free for anyone who is single and their mission and vision is to ensure that “every single connects with a soul mate in a friendly, safe and relaxed environment.”

One of the key features of this online dating platform is a simple and easy registration process which brings you onboard literally in a minute’s time. They also have several cool features like the ‘Meet Me‘ feature along with Skype Chat functionality.

In the US, several online dating platforms have seen a spike in usage in the places hit by the lockdown. This has broken the myth which was earlier floating that the online dating industry is going to be severely impacted due to the coronavirus crisis.

According to various research, the value of the global online dating market dwells between $7 billion and $11 billion. This market is growing rapidly as more and more relationships nowadays start online. Moreover, people are increasingly willing to pay for services i.e more and more people are opting for the paid features of these dating platforms. However, platforms like Brick House Dating are offering their paid feature for FREE for 12 months for their early bird subscribers.

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Inbound Marketing: How it Could Possibly Help Small-Medium Enterprises?



inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is identified as a kind of “pull marketing”, where the goal is to bring in purchasers who are new to the company, via interacting, useful and value-adding material, based on the phase of buying journey.

Any channel that brings in unidentified buyers such that they enquire about your products and services, rather than you hunting them individually is an inbound marketing method. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a source of inbound marketing.

Thomas Foo from TNT SEO mentioned that in the year 2020, the Malaysians are very anxious about Coronavirus, with top areas of concern being family members health, own health, job security, the overall economy and spreading the virus to others. Because of this, SEO becomes crucial for small-medium enterprises to make it through throughout this challenging time.

Content is the Backbone of Inbound Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is without a doubt the biggest source of traffic for any website. As an example, if you run a outdoor gear shop and somebody performs a Google search for the keywords “sleeping bag”, then you would want to appear first in the search engine result, since the large majority of clicks go to the top 3 or 4 organic results.

To win over inbound marketing, you will need content that fulfils the searcher’s intent. Most often than not, they are interesting, easy-to-scan and most importantly, provide a solution and value to the readers.

Inbound marketing techniques can be started whenever you wish but it takes skills and budget to succeed. This is why most businesses in Malaysia that need SEO services will choose to engage an experienced online marketing company to take care of this component of their business on their behalf.

Remember that a serious SEO requires planning on content strategy, onsite audit, backlink acquisition and great client communication.

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Smeetz: Are They Setting The Standard For Start-up Businesses?



Running a start-up is challenging, particularly when you are generating a brand-new product or service that has never been created before. Not only do you need to generate interest, but you also need to fund the upcoming project. In this article, we will be looking into how Smeetz is setting the standard when it comes to making the perfect start-up business.

The Humble Beginnings Of The Swiss Start-up

As a swiss start-up in 2017, co-founders Alexandre Martin and Morgan Siffert began to create the perfect business for those that love adventure. With the chance to book a number of experiences all in one place as well as allowing businesses to market events as well as allows users to book their own experiences. Whether it is sports classes, yoga or art performances the software can provide hosts as well as customers with all the information that they need. But as a start-up business creating this technology has seen them creating something new for a niche market.

A Social Media Platform For Events

As the first social media platform of this kind, Smeetz has a lot to prove, however they are also in a unique position. With a number of other companies offering a service similar, but also entirely different, there is a niche market that has been found to create the perfect position for this unique and dedicated bunch of people. In 2020, the company have begun to turn their attention to an AI-driven pricing model that allows them to offer a discount automatically depending on a number of factors such as demand, sales and the weather. This AI technology, therefore, encourages people to make the most out of the process and order beforehand putting them up to their different software providers like Amatic, providing their users with new and exciting technology. This is a simple yet effective solution to help drive sales and ensure that companies listing on this platform see the best return of investment.

The Recent Round Of Funding

With this new development in Ai Technology comes the challenge of funds as technology such as this often comes with a cost. However, Smeetz has very little to worry about at this time as they are leading the way when it comes to crowdfunding. With a total of €660K led by a number of businesses as well as the Swiss ICT investor club, this has seen them gain enough to reach their first goal set. Whilst this is promising for the business, there is still a way to go before the development of the project is completed. However, this is looking promising over time as this is the funds that are needed for the business to begin to expand into their chosen field with innovative technology that will benefit both clientele as well as customers that use the website for bookings.   

What Can We Expect FromSmeetz In The Future?

The future of this business looks promising. With the major goal to reach more businesses such as nightclubs and festivals for event listings, this business is going big in the hopes of using this technology on a much wider scale. In addition to just focusing on the swiss market, the eventual goal is to expand into the Swiss-German market as well as the rest of Europe in the near future. Though this may be a way off, one of the major goals for the company is to become the leading provider of marketing and sales software for leisure activities by offering a number of services such as smart pricing to audiences as well as advanced sales forecasts.

With this in mind, this is a start-up that is pioneering change for start-up businesses as well as providing new and exciting ways for businesses to market their event to their target audience as well as manage bookings effectively.

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Master’s in Nursing and Its Career Options



By getting to the core of the profession of nursing, every student is stepping into the zone of unlimited opportunities. While many of the aspirants go for a secure job, some prefer to go for advanced education. Some might learn the potential of a Master’s degree only at a later stage of life, and the idea would appear like an absurd one to most of them at that point. Experts always recommend a Master’s degree to enhance the certification that you already hold. For as long as the scope of nurses stays intact and keeps heavily booming in the US, the paths to stability is bound to widen.

All About MSN

Master’s in Nursing (MSN) is nothing like the graduate degree course, as it calls for much more dedication and passion. Hard work and commitment are equally crucial in making your career rocket to the zenith and pursuing MSN would require tonnes of both.

By earning an MSN, you are qualified to work at a post similar to that of a physician. You get to single-handedly do many of the health services that the physicians perform and this would undoubtedly help in building your career steadily. You step up to a higher level with this master’s degree and get equipped with the skills to deal with more severe issues other than just providing general care. Making an impact in the health care industry is also possible, as having an MSN offers you opportunities in the management section. The MSN holders can also handle administration and finance, leadership, and teaching if they specialize in the respective programs. Therefore by pursuing any of the MSN programs, you liberate yourself from the chance of being confined to the lane of limited options. Check the courses offered for MSN degree at Roseman University, and select the program that fits you best.

Duration Of the Program

The question of duration and fee structure of the program would be bothering many of the students, as it would prolong the study period and reduce the chances to earn. But in the long run, having an MSN degree has proven to be beneficial. The program typically takes up to two years, whereas some of the programs require a certain amount of work experience. So some of the courses could go a bit over two years. Admission to a Master’s program will require a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN), a minimum GPA and GRE score, an RN license, and experience. The above requirements would differ depending on the program that you pick.

Career Options

The career options after acquiring an MSN degree would depend on your specialization. Nurse practitioner (NP), Certified nurse anaesthetist (CRNA), Clinical nurse specialist (CNS), and Certified nurse-midwife (CNM) are the four areas where most of the MSN graduates focus on. Your master’s degree could also be combined with a joint program which includes options of master’s in public health, business administration, or health administration.

  • The nurse practitioners can diagnose and treat illnesses and prescribe the necessary medication.
  • Providing care at the time of childbirth is the most fundamental duty of a nurse-midwife.
  • The duties of a nurse administrator would be to manage all the nursing employees effectively and improve patient care.


Dreams are always unshackled, and nothing should stop you from achieving it. The country has provided you with all the facilities towards achieving it, and this is your best chance to serve your companions and fly higher.


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