“Providing High quality leather accessories at reasonable prices”. That’s the simple philosophy behind iBury.

The Indian leather industry today has established itself as a prominent industry both in international as well as in the domestic market. Leather accessories are no longer viewed as add-ons, but products in their own right. Bags and purses constitute an important category of the fashion accessories industry and Indian domestic market for bags, including handbags, college bags, office bags etc. is estimated at Rs 25 billion in value in 2017 which is growing at a scorching pace.

Launched with the vision of making luxury leather accessories affordable, iburycases.com is an online store which sells beautifully crafted leather briefcases, backpacks, purses, weekend bags along with other leather accessories.

iBury is Founded by Amit Dasgupta , a certified leather tycoon with over 16 years in the leather industry and Arjun Laha. Amit’s previous venture Manti Fashion was a success targeting international audience. The idea of iBury came across Amit’s mind in the year 2015 after his rendezvous with his close relative who has been working in the IT industry for over 12 years.

The idea was simply to target Indian customers with reduced price, no middle man, straight from the manufacturing hub to the hands of the Indian customer. Work on iBury started during mid 2015 by gathering scattered data to build a website . iBury’s webpage was solely created by Arjun Laha who, even though, had a limited knowledge about web page development, worked tirelessly to overcome the challenges. On 28th March , 2017 the website for online sale was launched & live.

iBury products are manufactured with their signature features that allow their leather items to last significantly longer. Also, they contain waterproof linings for those unexpected spills and easy cleaning, sand cast solid brass hardware that will stand the test of time and reinforced stitched stress points with high tensile-strength nylon thread will make sure that the most sensitive part of a bag i.e. shoulder straps never fall. According to iBury, their products’ quality matches prevalant global standards and are no less than other renowned international brands like Gucci and Prada. iBury team believes that, Price and quality are the two factors which differentiates iBury products from other renowned brands. iBury economical price helps the mass to afford quality leather accessories.

For the iBury team, the biggest challenge initially was ‘time’ as both the founders could not allocate enough time to create a reasonably OK platform for online sale for products which is so successful in international market. Resources to gather data and build a viable e-commerce platform remained a distant dream until the duo decided to work hard and set up and create the website and its content.

Recently, iBURY partnered with Jack’sinn 54 a German brand and Jack’sinn54 products would soon be available at iburycases.com. Also, iBury’s parent company is on track to collaborate with some major international brands so that the platform can offer a wide range of products to its customers.

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