Founders of Sell it Down wish to treat Buyers and Sellers Equally

Bicky Singh and Falit Sehgal, the 2-high school sophomore students and founders of Sellitdown were eBay sellers and buyers for years. Then they tested their competitors like Mercari, Offer Up, Let Go, etc and found many flaws in these platforms and were tired of them because of their non-responsiveness to their feedback. Falit Sehgal and Bicky Singh who were classmates, started discussing about how they were fed up with other marketplace services like Mercari and Ebay and decided to make there own instead. Both of them discussed the feasibility of an alternative platform that can solve their core issues. They ideated and finally managed to create Sell It Down. Thus these two friends became business partners.

According to the founder Bicky Singh,Sell It Down is a new e-commerce platform which listens to both the buyer and seller equally, has the lowest selling fees on the market, and is safe to use. The founders believe that the seller is equally important as the buyer. They also strongly believe that the selling fees have been very high and it has become hard for sellers to make a profit.
Every entrepreneurial journey has some challenges and Bicky Singh and Falit Seghal also faced some. For instance,  designing a logo, raising capital, and getting users to utilize the platform are some of the challenges they faced as entrepreneurs.

They differentiate themselves from their competitors because they strongly believe that the seller and the buyer should be treated equally, the seller should have lower selling fees, and that everyone should feel like they can grow on the platform.
They have launched their beta website called They have spent their initial funding in setting up the website, and marketing. They are still hunting for more users and are optimistic about their user base. Based on the response, they are also planning to upgrade the platform with more features.

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