Struggling with your Business and Finances? This Financial Goddess might just come to your rescue

One of the biggest challenges that organizations, big or small, face is related to streamlining the process of handling the finances while successfully running the business. The process can be cumbersome for many and handling the financial affairs in addition to focusing on the key business areas could be a daunting task for many. Thus, it becomes imperative for business owners to delegate the matter of finances to the experts and at the same time seek professional guidance on key business affairs from the pros.

Helping businesses and individuals minimize the load of this burden of handling finances and taxes along with running the business is Margaret Milutinovic, founder and owner of Financial Goddess. Financial Goddess was founded by Margaret with the aim of helping business owners focus on their core competencies so that their firms thrive in their respective domain.

Margaret’s vast and varied professional experience has given her a unique perspective as a Virtual CFO and International Business Consultant. With over 16 years of professional experience working in both public practice and in senior executive roles for multinational corporations, Margaret has developed successful business strategies, systems and processes that has helped hundreds of start-ups, SME’s and global enterprises thrive in an ever-changing business market.

Financial Goddess

Financial Goddess, which is a Virtual CFOand International Business Consultingfirm, provides other services too, including Business coaching.

What does a Virtual CFO do? The role of a Virtual CFO is similar to a full time CFO just that it’s a lot more performance and accountability driven role. Financial Goddess’ Virtual CFO service provides financial advice on key trends, company performance, budget control, financial risks and profitability tips. Not just that, the Virtual CFO reviews a firm’s existing company policies, processes and procedures identifying key issues and accordingly make recommendations.

It is a known fact that most CEOs and business owners are too busy with the day to day operations chasing their business objectives. This leads them into focusing their minds around few tasks while ignoring the financial future of their company. It’s a CFO’s responsibility to assess your current financial situation and use that information to lead your company to success.

The Virtual CFO service offered by Financial Goddess identifies key areas in a firm where fine tuning can be done to generate growth. However, not just firms, even sole ownerships(proprietors) and entrepreneurs can benefit from the firm’s business planning services and strategic goal setting and advice.

Another important service one can avail from this firm is InternationalBusiness Consulting Services. Through this service, one can gain clarity on the firm’s (individual’s) business vision, identify the key areas which need to be focused on, including the gaps and prepare a clear cut road map to attain this goal.

How does Financial Goddess’ service on International Business Consulting achieve this? The firm offers a comprehensive review of where the business is at and where it needs to be i.e. the gap that we just talked about. This is done by analyzing systems, procedures, processes, leadership team, employee’s skills matrix, financial position among others.

Typically, the services provided by the firm under this category may include preparing the business plan, foreign market expansion, preparing business for sale or acquisition, forming exit strategies, raising capital for startups, helping create work/life balance, addressing high staff turnover issues among others.

Realizing how important proper direction and guidance in any business venture is, Margaret also came up with a Business Coaching service in which business owners, who are passionate about what they do but lack key competencies in other areas of running a business – like overlooking business expenditures, ensuring compliance etc. This program is designed to help entrepreneurs acquire the requisite skill set to run a profitable business. The firm is in the process of launching their online business coaching program soon.

More about the Founder

Margaret holds a Masters degree in Commerce, majoring in professional accounting. She has also been a Fellow of Institute of Public Accountants in Australia and a Fellow Financial Accountant in the UK. Apart from achieving professional milestones, Margaret believes in contributing to the community. She is an active member of various social cause groups. Recently, she was a speaker at a Business Networking Event called “Business Relationship at Sunrise”. Talking about her vision, Margaret says that she is passionate about helping business owners thrive and succeed in their business. Her main goal, therefore, is to remove the stress business owners have while handling their finances so that they can focus on their core business and create a business model that delivers on both numbers and their business vision. ”

Financial Goddess has recently started “The Virtual CFO” podcast where everything related to business and finance is discussed.

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