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Funeral Services in Singapore – All You Need To Know About It



singapore funeral services

Depending on the financial capacity of the relatives of the person who has died, Funerals can be simple or elaborate, and differ by religion of the deceased.

In Singapore, a funeral director listed in the government’s website is someone assists you with funeral arrangements. However, one can choose to hire alternative service provider as well.

Families in Singapore can also opt to have the deceased undergo embalming. The National Environment Agency (NEA) gives license to funeral parlours so as to uphold environmental hygiene standards. Embalming, however, may not be allowed if the deceased passed on due to certain infectious diseases, e.g. COVID-19 disease. 

According to Funeral Services Singapore, You need to decide on the location and duration of the funeral wake which can be held at a funeral parlour, or house for example. For holding the wake at a void deck, the Town Council is authorised to give you the required permit. If you are planning to use your landed property and intend to use a part of the road outside, the Trafiic police will assist you. However, it is entirely up to the choice of families on the types of funeral services they wish to carry out for their deceased loved ones. Holding the wake is not necessary. Families may conduct simple prayer services at home before the cremation.

When it comes to cremation. your funeral director is supposed to make the entire arrangement including booking of a slot for cremation. However, you can also make bookings online.

Once the cremation is complete, the ashes of the deceased can be stored at home or in a columbarium. The relative of the deceased is supposed to bring the NRIC and the original Death Certificate to book a niche. Moreover, the Maritime Port Authority (MPA) based site can also be used to scatte the ashes at sea.

In view of the evolving COVID-19 situation, safety arrangements are put in place at funerals and funeral wakes.  When it comes to Funeral Packages, the types of services/products in a funeral arrangement will vary, depending on the religious beliefs, preferences of the family and customs.

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