Launched in September 2015, ‘Times of Startups‘ has a niche audience which is interested in reading News and Stories about Startups along with motivational stories. Being a niche website, the cost of a banner space depends on a combination of different factors. Monthly pageviews, Site’s growth rate and the niche on which we are focussing

Traffic Stats:

Currently, we have 4500+ page views per month and it is increasing every month.To keep transparency, we also share the most recent two weeks analytics screenshots with the clients to give them a better picture of the site’s recent traffic.

Currently, we are using the below formulae for calculating the monthly Ad rates.

Header Ad :  Rs 240/1000 pageviews/month.

Sidebar sticky Ad : Rs. 260/1000 pageviews/month

Sidebar Ad (For events and E-Summits) : Rs. 800/1000 pageviews/month.

Unlike other entities on the web, we share our website stats viz. pageviews et al accurately without using any tools or techniques to modify the statistics.

Please note that though niche websites  have a limited number of visitors, the quality of traffic is generally high.

The available sizes for ad slots and their monthly charges(calculated on the basis of above-mentioned factors) are:

  1. 300*250 Right Sidebar :For Brand visibility(Just below our email subscription box on the right sidebar). Rs 1170/month. Available . Buying this ad space will enable you to make your Ad sticky. That means your ad will float along with the scrolling down of the page.
  2. 300*250 Right Sidebar(Just below 1) :For promoting Startup Events/Entrepreneurship Summits. Rs 3600/month. (Currently Sold. Will be available from 1st July 2016)-
  3. 728*90 Header (Above the header menu) : Rs 1080/month. Available
  4. Blog contest: We accept giveaway offers. (Contact us for custom quote)

Please note that the per thousand pageviews rate will be revised every 2 months based on the increase/decrease in the number of pageviews. For example, a sudden surge in the number of page views will affect the per-thousand pageviews cost. It will marginally decrease with an increase of 1000 pageviews. The details will be updated on the website.

However, this will not be applicable for brands/events in the middle of their promotion.

The above rates are applicable till 31st July 2016.

Payment mode:  Payment should be done via the link sent through email only. Clients from countries other than India can use PayPal for fund transfer.

If you have a different idea of running a media campaign or if you want to run an ad campaign at a discounted rate for more than 1 month, feel free to contact us at [email protected] . Please add enough details so that we may respond quickly and appropriately to your query.