Story of Codexite, a Kolkata based video production Startup

Undeniably, ‘Video marketing’ is the past, present, and future of marketing industry. Videos, all over the world, while communicating the message, have always captivated the audience and conveyed the message in a more attractive way  than any other medium. Just a 2-minute video can help your customers understand the product or services you offer.Moreover, video marketing can help websites in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. A Startup’s website can rank high on Google if the Startup’s video is rich in keywords and the title is SEO-optimized.

In India too, there has been a massive surge in video making companies over the last few years.The current boom in the video making industry can be attributed to the sudden increase in the number of internet users along with digital platforms like Youtube and Facebook becoming a ‘way of life’.

Recognizing the market potential of video marketing, Abhranil Neogy and Jit Ghosh, two childhood friends recently co-founded Codexite. This Kolkata based Startup makes explanatory videos, promotional videos, corporate videos,White Board videos, motion graphics videos along with videos for Startups.


Abhranil Neogy

Passionate about entrepreneurship since childhood, Abhranil came back to his birthplace to pursue his Startup dream after completing his MBA.


“I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship and I derive a lot of  inspiration from Ratan Tata.” said Abhranil to Times of Startups.

According to Abhranil, like any Startup, he also faced many challenges.

“Hiring people with the right skill set and of course getting the first client was the biggest challenge for me. I am grateful to Jit Ghosh who supported me a lot in my journey”, he added.

Abhranail believes that his team’s creativity along with the highly competitive service they offer differentiates them from other companies working in the similar domain.


Jit Ghosh

Abhranil claims that his company makes high-quality videos at a lower price with unlimited revisions. Generally, depending on the various elements of a video, two videos with a similar concept can be made with Rs. 15,000 and also with Rs. 2 lakh. A basic 1 minute video costs somewhere around Rs. 15,000 but codexite claims to make similar videos within Rs 10,000.

Sharing his growth statistics, he added that his company grew at a rate of 50% in the last quarter and completed projects for 19 clients.

Going by the current trend, we expect, video production houses will be a hot choice, both for entrepreneurs and investors. Recently, Sequoia India lead $7.5 million investment in cloud video production startup 90 Seconds. 90 Seconds has already produced over 100 videos for companies such as Rolls Royce, Cricket Australia, Financial Times, Oracle, JLL and Exxon Mobil.


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