Things to Consider in Website Development

In the world of web, there cannot be days where a business house or even a product could manage without a website. As the world is breathing online and the websites are like couches people lay over, the task of website development is crucial. Designing a website is easy but it runs down strayed off the purpose involuntarily. So there are a few things to consider while developing a website.

Know Yourself

For the public this will be your identity which means you should figure out what kind of message about your brand you want to put forth. And subtly incorporate that message as often as possible. Are you family friendly? Business-like? What are your values?

What is the site meant for?

The website designing has to totally user centric and the user point of view is what matters the most. Trying finding out reasons why your site exists, and for whom and how long will it be. All this has to be thought before you develop the content.

Scope Fixture

It is important to understand that the website should stay in people’s minds, you need to have an address that is easy to memorize and simple to enter. And if the site portrays a company or a brand it should be somewhere in the address.

Do choose a domain name very carefully as that can have serious implications on the SEO benefits as well. One should know that an older domain may have pre-existing traffic, Backlinks, or even Alexa Ranking. Buying an older domain name is a great way to boost your SERP rankings in a short time.

Show Off Your Expertise

You will need to show each visitor that you have experience and that any time or money spent on your site will be worthwhile. If you have happy previous customers or clients, consider adding testimonials. Otherwise, showing examples of your work or products usually is another good way to go.

Blogging is another great way to show off expertise. The premise of content marketing is that your customer will feel confident in buying something that they are educated in. Furthermore, if you are the educator, they will assuredly feel confidence when buying from you.

What is Above the Fold?

“Above the fold” is an imaginary line that indicates the end of the last section visitor’s screen. The objective here is to present your best content without having visitors to scroll down. Above the fold is your place to be if you wish to lay a first impression on the visitors. For this reason, your headers should clearly express you in a short few sentences.

Mobile Centric Optimization

In 2014, one-fourth of the browsing traffic came from a mobile device. If your site is unreadable or otherwise unusable on mobile, you are at the risk of losing handful of audience, as well as authority signals in the eyes of Google. It would be a brilliant idea to buy a mobile version and go for an Offshore Website Development & Designing.

Approach & Analytics

Analytics is the perfect indicator of who, how and when is approaching and surfing your website. This data is optimal for further planning and letting you cater to your most frequent users and magnetize new ones. Google Analytics is the most eminent analytics tool out there, but there are others offering different features to suit your site’s specific needs.

Site Security?

This is a matter of concern if your site handles transactions. The most important thing is that whether customers feel safe putting their personal information into your website? You may have the best intentions, but unfortunately identity theft is still a real threat. To combat this, consider an SSL or a BBB certificate.

Client testimonials are also an excellent trust signal. When users view comments from your previous clients, it reassures them that you are a legitimate and operating website/business.


Not every visitor to your site navigated there directly. Ignoring SEO is a good way to lose out on chance visitors that could have converted into potential customers. As new methods and tools for optimization develop yearly, SEO has quickly become an unavoidable part of running a brand’s online presence. Keeping a strong collection of backlinks, using keywords and commonly searched phrases in your content, plus adding and keeping your links active are just a few ways to keep your site search-friendly. With a bit of work, you will be welcoming brand new guests in no time.

Nikhil Aggarwal

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